Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Casting for The Misselthwaite Archives

Pencil Ink Productions is casting male and female roles for The Misselthwaite Archives, a multimedia web series adaptation of The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. (This series is in the same vein as The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and The Autobiography of Jane Eyre.) More information can be found at

Female Roles:

1. Mary (17) - lead
Surly, cynical, and guarded; sees the worst in every situation and rarely opens up to other people. Particularly dislikes adult authority figures. Sarcastic and easily irritated, generally unpleasant to be around. Her negativity stems from loneliness and self-doubt, and her coming-of-age journey focuses on overcoming her trust issues and learning to find friends and family in the people around her.

2. Phoebe (20s) - supporting
Mary’s tutor. Optimistic and outgoing. The oldest of several siblings; loves kids and is a natural storyteller. Studying to be an elementary school teacher, and works multiple jobs to help her mother support the family. Very organized and focused.

3. Mrs. Medlock (40s-50s) - supporting
Mary and Colin’s caretaker; Art’s sister. Overprotective and strict, with a tendency for yelling. Has made many sacrifices for her family, and Colin’s well-being is her topmost priority.

Male Roles:

4. Colin (14-17) - supporting
Mary’s cousin. Allergic to everything and prone to asthma attacks. Spoiled, arrogant, melodramatic; hates when he doesn’t get his way. Obnoxiously intelligent, but afraid of the world outside his room and therefore very sheltered. Only understands social interactions from what he’s seen in movies or read on the internet.

5. Declan (19) - supporting
Phoebe’s brother. Quiet but friendly, good-natured, earthy. Loves animals and the outdoors. Avoids interpersonal conflict at all costs, even at detriment to himself, and always puts others’ needs before his own.

6. Uncle Art (30s-40s) - supporting
Mary’s uncle and Colin’s father. Became a workaholic after the death of his wife. Constantly away on business trips so as to avoid all reminders of her, including Colin.


The show will run from January through June of 2015, but production commitments may begin as early as November 2014 in the general Portland area. There are approximately 40 episodes, each 3-5 minutes long. Actors must be able to shoot 3-4 full days per month from December through June, likely on weekends, but we do plan to create our shooting schedule around the needs of our cast and crew.


As this is a passion project on a practically-zero budget, all roles are non-union and unpaid. We can offer IMDb credit and HD copies of the footage, and Pencil Ink Productions will also provide significant discounts on our custom acting reel services for any actors cast in the series.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please send a headshot, résumé, and reel (if available) to with “Misselthwaite Auditions - CHARACTER NAME” as the subject of the email. We will respond with more information on audition times and sides.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions!