Pencil Ink Productions is a production company based in Portland, Oregon. Our goal is to explore all the possible uses of film and video in creative storytelling. We also provide reel services for local actors and promotional videos for businesses, products, and events.

Pencil Ink was founded in 2012 by Aileen Sheedy and Amanda Daly, and the company has been a registered LLC since 2014.

Aileen Sheedy is a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and hopeless fangirl. Things she enjoys include: good movies, bad music, young adult novels, socks, slam poetry, and anything from the 1980s. She has a username no one can spell or pronounce on both Twitter and Instagram.

Amanda Daly may prefer romance novels to cameras, but she loves a good story no matter how it’s told. She likes to keep her technical theater background fresh by tying knots, swinging hammers and making colorful spreadsheets. Follow her jokes on Tumblr at your own risk!